Welcome to the Braugarten Giardino Forst !! Spend a carefree day with friends, enjoy a morning brunch with white sausages and pretzels or a beer with typical Tyrolean meals at midday. Enjoy meat specialties during the evening hours, accompanied by live music. The Braugarten Giardino Forst welcomes you to Lagundo near Merano with its old shady chestnut trees and the right atmosphere to enjoy the fresh Forst beer. Hot food continues from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm!


Lake Caldaro

Lake Caldaro in the municipality of Caldaro developed from a river bed in the Adige, in a valley approx. 14 km south of Bolzano. Besides being one of the largest lakes in South Tyrol, it is also the warmest lake in the Alps. Thanks to its average depth of only 4 meters and its position at 216 m above sea level, the water temperature in spring rises already around 17 ° – 19 ° C, while in the warm months it exceeds even 28 ° C.The lake is long 1.8 km, has a maximum width of 0.9 km and the maximum depth does not exceed 5.6 m.


The educational farm

The small Caprile farm in the mountains of South Tyrol! Ours is a typical and very ancient Alpine farm that welcomes the most diverse animals: ponies, goats, peacocks, horses, dwarf sheep, wild pigs, donkeys, geese, ducks … The farm is located 2 km from both restaurants at an altitude of 1,100 m and can be easily reached on foot. All our guests and all animal lovers are always welcome!


World train


Museo Retico

Center for the history of the Val di Non from the ice age to late antiquity, the building contains the most important archaeological finds found in the area. The visit winds around an educational path, deliberately referred to as the “Pozzo del Tempo”, which from the bottom of the building dates back to a spiral, retracing the entire history of the Val di Non starting from prehistoric artifacts, passing through the Rhaetian and Roman testimonies, for arrive at the early medieval testimonies of the Goths and the Lombards.


Botanical Garden

Botanical garden and garden of biodiversity…

Here are two places not to be missed here near the Pinewood in Val di Non, during your holiday especially if you are a soul close to Nature, to respect for the environment and to discover new green experiences !!


Imperial Villa

The ‘Villa Imperiale’ is a historic Habsburg palace that under the Habsburgs – Hungary was one of the seven most renowned hotels of the Empire, frequented by the Austrian Emperors and Princess Sissy. About twenty hectares of forest are an integral part of the complex, from where the historic promenade of Francesco Giuseppe departs, and the aqueduct that feeds Villa Imperiale, although now under municipal management. The salon is made available fully furnished to those who request it as per the regulation specified below.



The man who came from the ice is a very important archaeological find whose public exposition however contemplates ethical problems and can hurt the different sensitivities. The shape chosen by the museum to present it is therefore completely private and discreet. The completely white walls evoke the spaces of a snowy landscape. Graphics and architecture do not compete with the mummy, located in a secluded apsidal environment. The mummy is visible in its refrigeration cell only through a window of 40 x 30 cm.


Wildlife Park

The Wildlife Park of Spormaggiore offers everyone the unique possibility of closely observing the brown bear (Ursus arctos), the largest mammal in the Alps that has returned to populate the Trentino forests thanks to a special reintroduction project. in an absolutely natural environment, two specimens living inside an area of 7000 square meters.



In Bolzano the twenty shopping center has been expanded which, in addition to hosting 80 stores, offers numerous services and is the setting for various events, while inside you can find restaurants, cafes, bars, ice cream parlors, cinemas, hairdressers, supermarkets and much, much more . Dedicated only to children the “Kuni Kids Park” for guaranteed fun.


The Baths

Terme Merano in South Tyrol stands out at first sight, thanks to its particular contemporary architecture. Since its inauguration in 2005, Merano Thermal Baths fits perfectly into the urban context. The elegantly styled glass and metal cube houses a wellness center in Merano with highly specialized staff on health and well-being, an all-round offer of services and this 365 days a year: the spa includes 25 swimming pools indoor and outdoor, various saunas, a thermal park open in the summer months that covers an area of over 5 hectares, a Spa & Vital area, a Medical Spa, a Fitness Center and a bistro



Christmas markets in South Tyrol and Winter Events. From the end of November to the beginning of January in the historic centers of the cities of Merano, Bolzano, Brunico, Bressanone and Vipiteno, the traditional Christmas markets of South Tyrol await you. Even smaller villages in the typical valleys of South Tyrol offer traditional rural markets and events on Christmas weekends, less crowded, but very special and charming. Not to be missed are the Val Sarentino market and the Val Martello market, housed in a hut and therefore the highest in Europe. At banquets you will find not only gastronomic specialties, local handicraft products in a typical Tyrolean atmosphere .. The scent of cinnamon and chestnuts, the branches of fir, the sound of Christmas decorations at banquets … Mulled wine and Apple Strudel … and in background Christmas tunes announce happy moments for the Christmas festivities in the company of Family and Friends …


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