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Alta Val di Non

Located in Ruffrè, The Garnì BiancaNeve is a chalet on the edge of the forest, but easily accessible for those who climbs toward Passo Mendola where lies a little more than 1 km away. It is managed with love by who knows and appreciates the nature and beauty that can offer the Trentino. Away from the bustle of the inhabited centers and just a few steps away from the ski and sports facilities, ideal destination for relaxing or do magnificent mountain excursions.

Alta Val di Non

The territory

From Mezzocorona in Val d’Adige, the Valle di Non develops along the Noce river up to the Lake Santa Giustina at Cles and continues along the Rio Novella up to San Felice, that is already in the Province of Bolzano and is, unlike the rest of the valley, already inhabited by a German-speaking population.The valley is the ideal starting point for excursions in the Dolomites of Brenta, on the Mendola, on the Ortles, but also toward Caldaro and Meran in South Tyrol and is also known for its lakes. Among them is the artificial lake of Santa Giustina, the lake of San Felice, and Lake Tovel, famous for the natural phenomenon is unique in the world that the stained red in a particular moment of the year following the flowering of a seaweed.Closed to the north from the mountainous chain of the Maddalene, south-west from the Brenta Dolomites, to the east by the eastern subgroup of the Anauni Mountains, to the south by the Paganella massif and from the saddle of Andalo, the valley is not accessible from the Val di Sole (Step Tonale-Lombardia), from Val d’Adige (Mezzocorona), from cols who are of the Mendola (to Caldaro, South Tyrol) and the Palade (toward Merano). From Trento until Cles is served by a railway line from Kaltern to the Mendel pass instead by a funicular.The Valley is not ideal for those who want to spend a holiday far away from stress and for those who are looking for a natural landscape coined hills, woods and lakes located on a plateau. The suggestive valley villages, castles and shrines characterize places remained intact from the point of view of natural but also faithful to cultural traditions.

The Territory

Lake Tovel

Lake Tovel is an Alpine lake situated in Val di Tovel on the territory of the municipality of Ville d’Anaunia in Val di Non (Province of Trento) at an altitude of 1178 m a.s.l. in the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. The Val di Tovel penetrates from the inhabited center of Tuenno for 17 km between Monte Peller west and the massif of the Campa east, up to the imposing rocky circus of the Brenta Dolomites that circumscribes the high valley, where is located the lake.The Tovel Lake was also called Lago degli Orsi because there are some brown bears in the valley and lake red for the phenomenon of the redness of its waters, which happened until 1964 by the action of an alga (Tovellia sanguinea).

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Canyon Rio Sass

A spectacle naturaledi incomparable beauty … this is the canyon bottom, deep ravine that cuts in two the important center of the Alta Val di Non. Since 2001 is accessible thanks to the walkways and ladders, to go to the discovery of swirling waters, waterfalls and marmitte dei giganti, fossils, stalactites and stalagmites. A difference in height of 145 meters, 600 steps: an hour and a half of emotions. Light effects make the rest…they play with the ravines and with the wonderful vegetation present in the final part. The water under the footbridge flows of variable depth and the Rio Sass enlise at certain points up to 45-50 meters.

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Fluviale Novella

In Park Fluviale Novella are present mainly sedimentary rocks, but fell on the shore of the River Novella, it is not uncommon to find pebbles of porphyry (volcanic rocks effusive) and filladi (metamorphic rocks). Starting from the mills of Cloz path is ideally divided into two different sections: the valley to V and the ravine. The valley to the V is characterized by the so-called scale (dating back to 100 million years ago), which presents itself in the red part and in gray part: this is attributable to the different oxygen concentrations in the marine water during the formation period (this area in fact was submerged at the time by the Tethys).

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Natural Park UNESCO Heritage

Adamello Brenta

The Adamello Brenta Natural Park is the largest protected area in Trentino, located in the western part of Trentino, with its 620,51 kmq includes the mountain groups of the Adamello and the Brenta, separated from the Val Rendena and comprised between the valleys of not, sunshine and the Giudicarie. It is affected by the presence of 48 lakes and the Adamello Glacier , one of the most extensive in Europe.

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The legend

The “Orso Bruno”

As never quite a bear in the Sanctuary of San Romedio?
The legend tells that Saint Romedio wanted to take the road to Trento, to meet Vigilio, the Bishop of the city and receive his blessing. Shortly before leaving found his horse on the ground, killed by a bear who stood sbranando. Without any fear San Romedio approached the bear and told him: “Now shalt thou bring me to Trento”. Then ordered him to your couch to get put the bridles. Miraculously the bear obeyed, allowing the hermit to reach Trento on his rump.

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The Sanctuary of

San Romedio

Sanctuary of San Romedio near Sanzeno in Val di Non is certainly the most interesting example of Christian art medioevale present in Trentino. This is a famous place of pilgrimage, built on a calcareous rock high over 70 meters.

Immersed in a beautiful natural setting, the architectural complex is formed by several churches and chapels built on the rock. The entire structure is connected by a steep staircase with 131 steps.

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The Castles

Castel Thun

Castel Thun is a monumental building of medieval origin, among the best preserved of the Trentino and always intended to the main seat of the powerful family of auditors Thun. Rises in the municipal territory of Ton, in Val di Non.

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