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Coflari Agritur Ruffrè

Within our store you will find our typical products. Between faces and the tools of the tradition, you are greeted by the scents and flavors. The experience of over 40 years offers you a wide choice of: Cheese and chutneys, Typical salami as the mortadella, special cornmeal, sauces, honey, jams, fruit juices, wines and grappas, teas and infusions will satisfy the tastes of each.
For information and reservations you can contact you to 39 347 1464296 or via mail:
The store is closed on Monday

Azienda Agricola Calliari Malosco

Farm Calliari is a small farm of mountain situated in Valle di Non (Trentino) in the small village of Malosco at 1100 m of altitude. For generations the company dedicated to the livestock continues to cultivate and preserve the territory with the same care and attention of a time.

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Zucal spirits and liqueurs Cavareno

inebriare yourselves by various spirits and liqueurs that Zucal produces with passion and experience. A journey in the taste for your palate and your sense of smell notes of fruity aromas.

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Trentingrana the PDO is part of the family of cheeses and has not a PDO own, but is part of the PDO Grana padano, within which it was recognized the specificity, so much so that it is allowed to affix on barefoot of form an appropriate Brand. Technically Trentingrana is a sottodenominazione (specifying a subarea) of the PDO Grana Padano.